Thursday, July 16, 2009

ik ben een amsterdammertje


  1. Will you please explain this one? Yahoo babelfish translates this to: "I am a bollard." says a bollard is "a small post to which lines are attached." Is this one of those lost in translation things?

  2. well, google translator translates it as:

    "I am a Amsterdammertje"

    people from Amsterdam call themselves "Amsterdammers" and if you are a baby from Amsterdam you get called "Amsterdammertje" just like little puffy pancakes are called "poffertjes." that "tje" ending just makes something cute and little.


  3. Amsterdammetjes are also those poles placed on the edge of the pavement to keep cars on the road. As explained in Wikkipedia:


  4. oh! that might explain why Jenn got the word "bollard" in her translation. interesting. thanks for that link, alan!

  5. Where did you take the picture with the t shirt with Ik ben een amsterdammertje?

  6. At the Noordermarkt. It's the only place I was ever able to find them. Good luck! Sometimes the guy doesn't have them out on his table and you have to know which table and ask him. It's tricky.


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