Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tram 10


  1. This is the same Brandon that posted on your comment page. I am again visiting the Netherlands in two weeks! I am so excited! I love all of your photos, they all seem to take me back to a place I love. Do you take your pics the day you post them? If so, you have had some nice weather in the Dam recently, haven't seen many rainy shots!! I remember riding the tram lijn 10 into town quite vividly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Brandon! How exciting that you'll be visiting soon.

    No, I hate to disappoint, but I do not take one picture every day. I try to take a handful at once (to save myself some time) but I don't get too far ahead of myself because I want the seasons to be accurately represented.

    I should force myself to get out on more rainy days to capture some of the grey and wet Amsterdam that we all know and love. : )

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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